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How can I get involved with The Ofi Press?

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are currently looking for sponsors for The Ofi Press to cover the costs of events and printing costs.


$4000 pesos (around £200) would cover the costs of 4 poetry events in Mexico City including paying the poets, drinks and venue hire.


$8000 pesos (around £400) would cover the cost or printing The Ofi Anthology, a collection of our best short stories and poetry from this year.


In exchange, all sponsors will be invited to our exclusive sponsors event and will also receive a complimentary copy of The Ofi Anthology.

For more information please contact Jack at: [email protected]


A huge thank you to Phillip A. Ellis whose generous contribution on behalf of Australian Poetry made it possible for us to upgrade the site to include archives and many more features. Thank you Phillip!

Another massive thank you to the Manolarakis family in Crete, Greece for their generous contribution which will allow us to print our first international poetry anthology due in 2015.