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Sheila Wakefield: 1 Poem Published

Poem By Sheila Wakefield (UK). Published in Issue 30.

The North East Special Edition: Displacement (Part 2)


Coming Home


That first morning,

looking at my favourite

Munro, apart from Alice,

I feel reborn.


I shower languidly,

dress slowly,

sip ‘real’ coffee

and unwind.


At the wee house,

home away from home,

without phone or internet,

I finally relax, read and write.


The soil here is as red

as the squirrels.

The deer play all day,

the owl calls every night.


My mother’s family’s bones

lie in this earth.

I feel at ease,

I feel at home.


When family illness

causes a speedy,

premature departure,

I become anxious.


Three red squirrels

cross my track,

the deer glance at me

in the short cut.



I feel then,

against all odds,

that when I return home,

everything will be all right.


  Translation by Karenina Osnaya.




Llegar a Casa


Esa primera mañana,

viendo a mi favorita

Munro, además de Alice,

me siento renacida.


Me baño lánguidamente,

me visto lento,

tomo café ‘de verdad’

y me relajo.


En la pequeña casa,

hogar lejos del hogar,

sin teléfono ni internet.

Finalmente me relajo, leo y escribo


La tierra aquí es tan roja

como las ardillas.

El venado juega todo el día,

el búho llama todas las noches.


Los huesos de la familia de mi madre

yacen en esta tierra.

Me siento aliviada,

Me siento en casa.


Cuando la enfermedad de la familia

Causa un contratiempo,

es la salida prematura,

me pongo ansiosa


Tres ardillas rojas

cruzan mi rastro,

el venado me echa un vistazo

en el atajo. 


Me siento entonces.

en contra de todo,

cuando regrese a casa

todo estará bien

About the poet

Sheila Wakefield is a poet, editor and publisher. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Northumbria University and is Founder and Managing Editor of Red Squirrel Press. A recovering workaholic and an insomniac, Sheila lives in Northumberland, surrounded by red squirrels. Her pamphlet, Limerance, was published by Talking Pen in 2012.

Karenina Osnaya is from Mexico City and is a regular contributor and translator to The Ofi Press.