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Interview with Johannes Arnesson


 This one man band from Gothenburg, Sweden, Johannes Arnesson is sure to blow your mind with his dark, chaotic melodies and basslines. What started as experimenting and sampling records to produce hip hop beats soon grew into what he calls, death electro Owl Vision’s productions as well as his remixes for other artists are spreading succesfully through blogs and online stores all over the globe. Owl Vision have, for instance, been chosen ”Unsigned Hype” by Kissy Sellout on BBC Radio 1, England in 2008. 


Interview by Jack Little, UK/Mexico (Published in Issue 9)






 1. Why "Owl Vision"?

Mainly because of the dark mystique regarding owls. I'm also fascinated by their attack technique.

2. What exactly is death electro?

 Death Electro is what I started calling my genre back in 2008 when I released my first album "Comorbid".  I wanted to take electro to the next level in the mood I felt represented my sound.
Just like there first was Metal and then came Death Metal to separate the categories for listeners to choose.


  3. Where did you learn the dynamics of music? Did you play instruments when you were younger?

I never studied any instrument but whenever I got close to a piano or a synth as a kid I got stuck for hours.
I have studied studio techniques and production though.


 4. What inspires you?

 Mainly other stuff than electro music. I mostly listen to other genres when I'm not producing myself.
I'm very inspired by dark wave, classic action/horror flicks and art in all it's forms.


5. Are cutting edge clothes important for a DJ?


I don't know. I think it might help if you don't dress like a douche on stage though, hehe.
And I actually don't DJ either so I'm even further away from being able to answer that.


 6. Ooops. Have you ever seen the most beautiful woman in the world?

I have! I woke up with her this morning.


 7. Is music the only drug?

If music is a drug for me then so is drawing, painting, watching movies and playing video games!


 8. How many weekends of the year are you on the road? Best gig yet?

Not nearly as many as I want there to be... But I'm still growing so just you wait!
Best gig yet has got to be both of my festival gigs here in Sweden: Arvikafestivalen & Emmabodafestivalen.
I replaced Uffie at the Ed Banger night and got to play midnight at the festivals finale.


 9. What's your five year plan to take over the world?

I'll sell my soul to the devil. It will go smoothly from there...


10. Do you have any plans for a future gig in Mexico? Please say yes!

I would love to play in Mexico! I'm actually going to San Diego in September so I might drop by if I get a good offer, hehe. 


 Find out more about Johannes' latest projects at:


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