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Jean Atkin: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Jean Atkin (UK)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 47




(i.m. Flann O’Brien)


I have perhaps exchanged

  some molecules with it on the road

        so its taut steel has sprung

            my wrists


    & in the same gear

     the flexion of its pedals over tarmac

     has come to seem as natural as feet,

     rhyme and beat of passage


              & in the next gear

       our wheels map contours

    so we share exhilaration

at the downtilt of a pass  

About the Poet

Jean Atkin lives in Shropshire. Her first collection ‘Not Lost Since Last Time’ is published by Oversteps Books. She has also published five poetry pamphlets and a children’s novel, ‘The Crow House’.  Her recent work has been published in Envoi, The North, Earthlines, Island Review, Under the Radar and Dark Mountain. She has held residencies and worked on education and community projects in both Scotland and England.  Her poems have won several prizes.

Image: "Left-turn!" by Nikos Koutoulas.