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Amanda Bell: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Amanda Bell (Ireland)

Published in Issue 33 of The Ofi Press.


 ‘The beauty of the game’


is lost on me when I watch you play.

I see the curve of your cheek,

the rounded base of your skull

– once a custom-fit for my palm –

and feel again the warm weight of your incipience.

No more walnut-snug in my armour

your head now bobs around the pitch

and air shrieks with the thwack of

plastic against wood,

against bone.

About the poet...

Amanda Bell is a freelance editor based in Dublin. She recently completed an MA in Poetry Studies and is currently a doctoral candidate in University College Dublin, working on contemporary Scottish poetry. She recently began to submit poetry for publication, and her first poem was published in The Stinging Fly in 2012.

Artwork by Nicola Spencer:

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