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International Poetry and Literature from Mexico City

Girl at Breakfast in Cholula, 12th May 2012

 By Jon Bonfiglio, Gibraltar (Published in Issue 2)

Banksy: Hope Girl Bankside




 A table away, exactly in line

with a preferred view. Unusually,

she faced inwards, opposing the lure

of what might have been the sea.

As though she had been there and back,

decided it was no great shakes.


There was, however, no ocean to speak of

over her shoulder; was replaced instead

with a disconsolate pair of midweek singers

and a begging lady who would organise

her approach in slightly wayward inches

but who nevertheless managed to bear

down on you with the unremitting insistence

of a final demand. The girl


at breakfast, for her part, simply by virtue

of where she wasn’t looking marked herself

out as different. Not least because she was

the only person in view who gave up her eyes,

wasn’t at least the partial back of a head;

and so that smile became its own vanishing

point, like the architect’s doodle which conceals

a clear as yet unthought, through line.



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