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Poems by Dylan Brennan published in Issue 23.


Clipperton Island: Nests 

Washed from the inhabited

beaches of the Americas

to the ocean’s vortex

he found an ancient place

where toys tread water.

On the shore a plague

of high-heeled shoes,

plastic soldiers,

jeeps and artillery,

a semi-corroded green horse,

a pink brontosaurus,

and a 1950s Hornet Man

These things are plucked

from the surf by squawking

beaks of brown boobies.

Mixed with palm bark

and the assorted rust

of discarded weaponry

they forge and weave

the nests of Clipperton.



 Bone Couplet 


skeletal hand in skeletal hand

lie the lovers of Tlatelolco










Dylan Brennan’s poetry has been published in a number of Irish and international journals such as Poetry Ireland Review, Revival Literary Journal, Arabesques, Agenda Broadsheets, Tributaries etc. A teacher of English literature, and a doctoral student of Mexican literature, film and photography he has also collaborated with the Fundación Juan Rulfo on two of their recent publications El gallo de oro (2010) and Juan Rulfo: Otras Miradas (2010). In 2006 he featured in the Poetry Ireland Introductions Series. He lives and works in Mexico.


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