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Don Cellini: 1 Poem Published

Poems by Don Cellini (USA)

Published in Issue 40 of The Ofi Press


It’s raining rage


Abel, Carlos, Adán, Felipe, Emiliano, Carlos


Llueve rabia. It’s raining rage.

In Mexico.  In Ayotzinapa.

Forty-three would-be teachers

were disappeared overnight.


Luis, Christian Tomás, José, Julio César Mondragón


was discovered the next morning

his eyes gouged out

the skin of his face

flayed to a bare skull.


Jhosivani, Tomás Marcos, Saúl, Jorge, Miguel Ángel,


The others were shot

then dumped into a burning pit

of gasoline, tires, wood, plastic.

The acrid smoke filled the night sky.


César, Jorge, José, Israel, Antonio, José Ángel


We turned them into dust and then

threw the remains in the water.

They will never find them,

one suspect bragged.


Leonel, Everardo, Doriam, Jorge, Marcial


Mexico smells like death.

Since I cannot bury you, my son,

I will continue to look for you,

sobbed the mother of


Benjamín, Christian, Luis, Miguel Ángel, Alexander


Their families

find no consolation.

They know the empty beds,

the empty chairs at the table.


Jorge, Abelardo, Cutberto, Bernardo, Israel


Breath of smoke.  Mouth of ash.

Grief has become

a dark cloud of anger.

It’s raining rage.


                        Mauricio, Martín, Magdaleno, Giovanni, José Luis, Jesús


Notes on Ayotzinapa

About the Poet

Don Cellini is a poet, translator and photographer. He is the translation editor for The Ofi Press.