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Mbizo Chirasha: 3 Poems Published

 Poems by Mbizo Chirasha (Zimbabwe)

Published in Issue 31 (August 2013).


Your past is a mint of blood and tears

Daughters tearing their way to decay

Sons castrated by poverty and superguns,

Kongo , a dream battered and bruised

Your conscience poliorised by oppressive dans

Highways clogged with hatred and vendetta

Gutters donating stench and typhoid

Kongo , let my poetry feed your withering dreams for guns ,insult the tired memories

Of voters.




Leopard never lost its colour

Bones that manured flowers of the revolutions

Blood watered the trees of freedom

Lumumba we still stand on the edges of your crucifixion [Katanga], watching the drama

Of your rising with the new sun and sons of Black Africa




Raised through the bowls of sweat in millet acres

Through the forests of bullets shells and wounded earth

Guyana is not the mist of forgotten and tired centuries

It is the petal whose scent perfumed the stink of revolutions

About the Poet

Mbizo  Chirasha is an acclaimed wordsmith, performance poet, published poet and writer. He is the Founder and Creative Director of several creative initiatives and projects [Young writers Caravan  Project 2003 - current],This is Africa Poetry Night 2006 - 2008, Zimbabwe Amateur Poetry conference 2007 - 2010 , African Drums Poetry Festival 2007, GirlChildCreativity Project 2011- Current, Girlchild Talent Festival 2012.