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David Cooke: 2 Poems Published

Poems by David Cooke (UK)

Published in issue 40 of The Ofi Press




Imagine a world where pester power

rarely delivers the goods and a dawdling

hike to school’s the norm. You have fresh air,

your friends, and a small coin burning

a hole in your pocket. Spend it now

or do your best to make it last the week.


In class Rosanna Ferrario likes to sit

beside you. All the others make you blush.

They seem to know you like her too.

Give her a Love Heart with your message

so, at least, she’ll learn it’s true,

even though their taste is sour.


Your best friend Jan eats salami.

How can anyone like that stuff?

Does he like bacon boiled with cabbage?

The day you both forget the milk,

singing Beatles’ songs, Mr Murphy canes you

to help you mend your ways.





He has a way with a pint that hints

at who he is. It starts as the ale is drawn,

his eyes moving from the barmaid’s chest


to her grip on the polished wood

of the pump. Along the tilted side

of the glass, the liquid rises


as if spelling danger, or re-establishing

an equilibrium, while the over-lively froth

gushes forth like loose talk


before it drains into the slops;

and when the measure’s attained,

with a small headspace left,


she sets it up on the counter

for him to assay. He pauses briefly,

holds it up, then gives it a quarter turn,


staring into it like a talisman,

or the dark mirror that shows him

what he needs to see.


About the Poet

David Cooke has been widely published in the UK, Ireland and beyond. His most recent collection, Work Horses, was published in 2012 by Ward Wood Publishing. His next collection, A Murmuration, will be published by Two Rivers Press in 2015. 

Image: "Beer Goggles" by Marcus Povey.

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