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  Aj. Dagga Tolar is a frontline activist, a social crusader, and the publicity Secretary of the Campaign for Democratic and Workers Right CDWR, what was formerly known as Campaign for Independent Unionism(CIU) which was one of the pro-democracy groups in CD, UAD and JACON, in the struggle to end military dictatorship in Nigeria. He also doubles as the publicity Secretary of the Democratic Socialist Movement(DSM) and the Editor of the Socialist Democracy, the organ of the DSM

He has remain active in the movement and struggle against Neo-liberalism, and the series of general strike led by Labour and Civil Society Coalition (LASCO)  a coalition of the trade union centres (Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress) and pro-democracy organisations in Nigeria. He functioned as a member of the Mobilisation and Planning Committee of the various strikes and protest between 2000 and 2007.

General Secretary  of LASCO, Lagos Chapter 2007-

General Secretary,  Association of West Africa Young Writers 1994-1998
Vice Chairman, Association of Nigeria Authors, Lagos Chapter 2007-2009
Chairman, Association of Nigeria Authors, 2009-Present.


By Aj Dagga Tolar (Nigeria)

Published in Issue 21


No bed space
Drugs you cannot afford
Are only to be taken
On a heavy full stomach

Hear the doctor go home
Go have a long sleep
Not on the bare floor
And catch a fever

Not on the dirty mattress
Bare back on hard springs
The bugs cannot squeeze
Their way into the metal

The chances are
When you wake up
From a long sleep
You would be well.

“A long sleep is a dream
Not when the up quarters
Who keep cats have let them loose
On the night

And the hunger makes them cry
Shrilling sound of havoc
On any sleep.

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