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Nia Davies: 2 Poems Published

Poems by Nia Davies (UK)

Published in issue 33 of The Ofi Press.



Of course he thinks part mythic


and of the bell, as it if it were installed

between his ears,


and of the abbey, where they, gatherers of temperaments,

are closely knit, are sand dune sound.


The peal, deep, woke him. Think

sweet thought, sweet garnish.


Woke him full. Summer is awkward,

is the boy in the row-boat. Think

swallow, sweet arrow.


Notice, if god is noticeable, among fronds.

If he could make bread made from beachy soil.


How do you install a bell? Swing on it.

Then inside his eyelet, toothlet, gimlet, the

mechanics of an ‘oh’.









Hello beautiful

how is your symbiosis, your stutter?

Look at me calling over to you.

I’m made of signs and fast-forwards.

I’m lending you my ear. And cheek.


Did you ever even have a stomping ground?

Tell me how that was possible. Even minutely.

We can talk, I can take pictures of you

at the fruit machine. Your clavicles wonder me

in that glow.




Hello beautiful. Science is a bitch. It takes so long to prove

anything. It takes and it takes. Can you believe

me that I am nothing but your other insider,

your self-seducer? I am nothing if not yours.

your other half (life) and I’ve bought you a juicer.




Dear Beautiful. Head yourself on my lap.

Heave over here

to my saucer. For in the forest

there are rarities. And clearings I’ve seen from above.

Don’t worry yourself with lures. You can be

Vasilisa, Red Riding Hood. You’ll find me here,

wolf and witch.




Dear delight, I am curried and cusp. I am litres

of sea water, selfish, as you know. Grand light

in the bay, I say and there are partial bites on your skin.

I am nothing if not a defender of you.


How can one subsist on

barley alone? How can one hope to live at all?


I keep saying Little Miss, like it really is something.

I keep preserving these lemons,

hoping you will one day try them.




Dear Beautiful. Remember me?

I am waiting to be your thin thing,

I am already your insides. I am already

a firm believer.





About the poet...

Nia Davies was born in Sheffield and studied English at the University of Sussex. Her writing has been published in journals in the UK and the US. Then Spree - her first pamphlet of poems – came out from Salt in 2012. In 2014 she will take over the editorship of the quarterly magazine Poetry Wales. As well as her work with Literature Across Frontiers and Wales Literature Exchange, her current projects include collaborations with other poets and artists and co-editing the online journal Poems in Which and Solidarity Park Poetry – poems for #ResisTurkey.


Artwork by Nicola Spencer: