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International Poetry and Literature from Mexico City

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 By Razmik Davoyan, Armenia, Published in Issue 1.

The sun is burning in the universe

Like yellow incense,

A yellow miracle.

And the bread in my hand

Which resembles the purest Host,

Smells of incense and of the world.




The sun today

Has become disoriented and delicate

By some miracle

And is gliding with a mild touch over all

That men have burnt

Without regret.






The square light

Resembles a traveler in the dark.


The square light is pompously silent

Like an aquarium

In our eyes pulled from the darkness of the deep,

In the deep darkness pulled from our eyes.

The triangle light

Nailed to the wall.

The lone blade of light

Seen through the opening of curtains

And the light of the stars, breaking the stiffness of the air,

And the light which resembles the blue smoke of eyes

And the eyes- treasuries of light.

The square light crushed in the walls

A square silence

Like an aquarium.

That’s all.
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I pour the pink night into my glass

And drink it in silence.

And the glasses jingle

With an uncertain sorrow, an unknown joy.

Dull reflections

Of noble faces

Ablaze with the fever of this great silence

Are formed in their depths.





I called upon the touch of fingers -

                                    It wasn’t there.

I looked at my image in glass lips –

I squeezed the tulip

And its black sorrow

Remained in my hands.




The sun is gliding along its yellow path

Pouring into the monk’s jar, his incense burner,

And the fire goes out in the birch woods…