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International Poetry and Literature from Mexico City

2 Poems Published

By Sandy Day, Canada (Published in Issue 4)


 Catching Apples

Many branches

many apples

but you let me drop

to rot.  


The promise

tumbles to the ground

not caught







A staggering inspiration in the fall of 2008 compelled Sandy Day to write again after a twenty year silence. Sandy recently completed a fictional concordance to a group of 160 poems, which she plans to publish online in serial format. Sandy lives in Toronto, Canada where she is always looking for ways to pay the piper!



15 going on 16


The sweet smell

of Jada’s room

she leaves it

but it lingers.  


Her baffled

teeth wired

tears bursting

from her turquoise eyes.  


I always knew

she was more

than this world would bear.  


She’s tethered

her brain snatching

every byte and glance.  


I love her –

breathe this scent

take her with me  

keep her close –

breathe out

and let her go.