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International Poetry and Literature from Mexico City

The Ofi Press Literary Magazine   Issue 30- May 2013

Dear All,


Welcome to the North East special edition (part 2) of The Ofi Press bringing together poetry, articles and fiction from across the north east of England under the theme of displacement. From displacement, a great understanding of oneself and the world around us can be gained. Who has not gotten lost a in a big city only to find the most interesting of things down unexplored alleys- when one gets lost, one truly finds oneself.


Personally, this project is about connection and reconnection with the North East. Making new friends through collaboration with poets and sharing their work with a Latin audience through Spanish translation. None of this would have been possible without the magnificent work of Karenina Osnaya who translated each of the poems for this edition aswell as to Adam Fry for his translation of Emma Whitehall's fiction piece. A truly mammoth task. A huge thank you also to the very talented Richard Elwin Hook for permission to use his photography throughout this edition.


In part 2, we include work from Sheila Wakefield, Bob Beagrie, Lydia Laws-Hall, Jackie Litherland, Josephine Scott, Valerie Laws, Bob Little, Emma Whitehall, Zainab Rahdi and Chi Onwurah. To celebrate this special link of two worlds apart, the Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle will be hosting a special event on June 13th 2013. A review of this will follow in the coming days!


I hope very much that you enjoy it and feel part of this wonderful connection between the North East of England and Mexico City.


Saludos a todos and howay and the lads and lasses!


Jack Little


Editor- The Ofi Press


Image: Richard E. Hook

Gateshead, Fewster Square


This Special Edition is Produced in Memory of Olive Little

Classic Poem of the Month

By Basil Bunting

Basil Bunting at Rapallo, Italy, 1930s

The original photograph is in the Basil Bunting Poetry Archive, Durham University Library.



The Earthy Shields

Lavender and contorted
Only and lavender
Outrageous and very

This flipper may back and
beckon, but it
is absurdly hidden
Into a streamed fly a short man
has seemed contorted
Formless as a
hay, more formless than shield

The rain saying our
face, its own calling skin
Appeal has rotted in our curved
Gloom is so homeward-bound
it has mourned it
Hearing an earthy gross year from under
old decent water
Our hand thickening, motionless
and farcical, our arm rotting

Ofi Press Open Mic Poetry Night

The Ofi Press night held on May the 15th hosted poets from six different nationalities including young Mexican poet Ingrid Valencia aswell as many of the usual suspects. The American Legion has also been rennovated with a new bar space and it is looking great! 

We hope you’ll be able to come to our next event at 25 Celaya on June 19h. For more information please see our events page.

 Image: Ingrid Valencia