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Interview: Scotty Essex (Professional Wrestler)

Scotty Essex is a professional wrestler from the UK.

Interview carried out over email with Jack Little in June 2015

Published in The Ofi Press issue 43



1. What first inspired you to become a wrestler? 

It was having a tape of the one man gang against minis/midgets was the first time I locked eyes on wrestling. I must have been around 4 or 5 years old, I used to idolise Max mini/ Tzuki when he was in WWF. Wrestling didn't become an obsession until 2000 when I watched the Royal Rumble and I'll never forget the street fight between Triple H and Cactus Jack. Straight away that's when I ultimately knew that was what I wanted to do. I used to branch out and watch lots of old Lucha Libre and I was automatically hooked on the daredevil side of wrestling rather than the spectacle in the United States. Lucha!


2. How does the wrestling scene in the UK compare to that in the USA?

Right now in my eyes, the UK scene in terms of talent is keeping up with the U.S. talent. I really do believe we are the best wrestlers in the world right now. As a tiny dot in this world we are making a big impact!


3. As an "exotico" have you ever faced any discrimination as a wrestler?

 I've never really been a full on Exotico by wearing makeup and wearing swimsuits as such but lately I have been playing with the idea and having a play around with the makeup set, so watch this space! Cassandro gave me full permission to carry the Exotico torch for the UK and I shall spread my wings and take full advantage of that blessing. Never faced any discrimination and if I did then I would simply ignore it as ego’s not my amigo.


4. How close is your wrestling persona to you in your everyday life? 

I'm a devoted of dad of two and I make sure I keep both things completely separate. Sometimes when a certain song plays then my character will start coming out and I'll start strutting around the kitchen but I'm very different until I walk through that curtain and in that spotlight.


5. How was your experience at the Vamos Festival in Newcastle? Did you make a click with your wrestling partner Cassandro El Exotico? 

VAMOS was unbelievable and can't wait for next year! The organisers made us feel so welcome and set the bar. I first met Cassandro at Lucha Va Voom in Los Angeles, California in 2013 and even as friends having only spoken online we became really close and Cassandro is my mama lucha and amigo for life. If I ever needed anything away from this crazy business then I know he would be straight there helping me. We have chemistry inside the ring and out, I can't wait to do it again. He is a beautiful man with a beautiful soul.


6. What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Any plans to make your wrestling debut in the Mexican CMLL any time soon?

 I would like to debut in Mexico and be side by side with my amigo Cassandro and other exoticos. It would be a dream come true to wrestle for CMLL!

Follow me on Twitter @MrReemEssex always great to hear from fans in this wonderful business.