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R.M. Francis: 1 Poem Published

Poem by R.M. Francis (UK)

Published in issue 39 of The Ofi Press  



Brothers and sisters met lovers at Mass –

built up their own broods and left.


But the nest is kept safe by a caretaker,

trained through teenage years –

a role lost in time. Almost lost in sum:

El Chingon sang that old corrido.


Some (amoebic cut offs from the rapes)

have slipped through the slits

and sit with calling curled fingers,

sultry smiles, hidden tines –

Cathicismos pray for their partial drupes

despite them tending nest

like good Catholics.


Muxe is an organ

without need of a name –

in the city they say s/he may

sit on your face as you sleep,

but down in Putla

they care for the nests.

About the Poet

R. M. Francis is a poet from The Black Country, UK. He recently completed his MA Creative Writing at Teesside University. His work explores identity, gender and sexuality and has been published in many online and print magazines.

Image by Irene Soria Guzmán.