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Laura Hay: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Laura Hay (UK)

Published in issue 41 of The Ofi Press 



Something and Nothing

Something was nothing, before it was something

Something was empty, before something became full

If something can go up, something can go down

If something has more, there’s something with less

Before something had light, that something had darkness

After something has lived, that something will die

Where something exists, the question is, Why?

About the Poet

Laura Hay is fairly new to poetry.  She always had an indescribable urge to write but never knew what to put on paper or where to start.  After drafting a short thank you to her best friend in the form of a short poem she instantly felt comfortable.  This then continued as a form of therapy for dealing with her own, and other family members, mental health issues.   She has had no formal training but is now taking the time to read and write more poetry.

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