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International Poetry and Literature from Mexico City

1 Poem Published: Damien Healy



Chalk marks on your uniform.

Old wooden desks standing to attention.

Weighed down school satchels.

Brown paper covered textbooks.

The teacher’s imposing desk.

Marbled corridor floors.

The science lab, gas cocks on every group desk and high stools.

Friendships made easily.

Class clowns put a smile on everyone’s face.

Fights down the lane at ten past four.

Cling film wrapped sandwiches and slightly warm rancid milk.

The school playground with bounds.

Lunch time games of marbles.

Hiding behind Charlie during Math.

Homework and assignments.

The dreaded Friday morning test.

The wonderful  Friday afternoon story time.

The best and worst days of your life.

 Poem by Damien Healy, Ireland/ Japan (Published in Issue 26).


 Damien Healy is from Dublin Ireland and is living in Osaka Japan. He is an English language teacher and has published 3 books for the Japanese university market. He has also published some papers on language teaching and holds an MA in Applied Linguistics. Recently he rediscovered the pleasure of poetry and short stories. He is interested in poetry about nature. One of his poems was recently published in "The Weekender" magazine.