The Ofi Press Magazine

International Poetry and Literature from Mexico City

South Walnut

By Kevin Heaton, USA (Published in Issue 1)



Osage trails            westward,

snowdrifts bridle high.

Cattle graze on

                              open range-

sunsets thrill the eyes.


Jackrabbit dust on

                  honeysuckle bloom,

scissor-tails snip the air.

Rattlers turn you on your heels-

                  to face a prairie sky.


Illinois son in

                     old “Cow Town”,

Gallatin to Montgomery.

Coffee, Lane, Ole John Brown-

                   along the Verdigris.


Death Alley to      Death Valley,

Onion Creek- eternity.

Deer lie down on

                           Buffalo Grass-

I lie down at peace.






















Kevin Heaton's work has appeared in: Foliate Oak, Elimae, Nibble, The Catalonian Review, Bolts of Silk, The Delinquent, and many others. He is listed as a notable Kansas Poet at