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Norton Hodges: 1 Poem Published

Poem By Norton Hodges (UK)

Published in Issue 31 (August 2013)

 About the poet: After a career as a teacher Norton took medical retirement and followed his passion for poetry.





Over breakfast he reads about the death

Of the apostrophe, how, in a world

Where every tweeter is a child of Yoda

The old markers no longer make sense;


It’s true that one day he set out

With only three days’ clothing in a bag,

To a place he didn’t recognise where

He left his moorings behind for ever;


But now they are junking the safely printed

Page and all its necessary signage

For a brand new frontier where we will all


Ride the data stream in a pea green boat on a

Sea of words, bobbing, unanchored, ordinary, sad

Words that will call our children’s children’s children home.