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Beth Jellicoe: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Beth Jellicoe (UK)

Published in Issue 32 of The Ofi Press


Fairy Chess

The amazon: a fairy chess piece that combines knight and queen.

before we knew about
fractals, my brother, our vision was broken
by upsided
black branches

gravity rolled over us
every night, before
we learned its name

we were infinite, I was
Saraswati, full
of love and learning, until
I learned I was just a girl

and miles away, bombs were falling
and erupting

while somewhere closer, an artist
sculpted a chess set
into the opposing teams.


About the Poet

Beth Jellicoe is a 20-year old poet who lives in London. A student at SOAS, she has previously published work in Rialto, Sparkbright, the Delinquent, Cadaverine, Ink Sweat & Tears and Cuckoo Quarterly. Read more at