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Oonah Joslin: 3 Poems Published

Poems by Oonah Joslin (UK)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 42



Quantum Credo Jazz


I believe in the cat in the middle

playing parallel strings

strange and charming

on an entangled fiddle.


There are days I know

how that crazy cat feels.


Hey, Cat,

dead or alive

Mu on!









Phase Transition


In the phase transition

body to soul

all energy recycled

freed from the fermion flow

that makes this universe



outside of time

inside the mind of god

I will be

like a fish that

knows water is wet

a bird that needs

no air for flight.


They may take out my brain

put it in a jar

‘There,’ they will say,

‘that was her brain.’


But it won’t matter.









On a Different Wavelength


“Call me Shane”

said my husband,

out of the blue like that.

And as we turned a corner,

there was Shane;

the only Shane we knew

in the whole world.


Maybe he’d caught

an image from

another beam

of light

entangled with

the yet to be

sight of said Shane.


It’s possible


is a trick of

‘particular’ light.




About the Poet

Oonah was born in Ballymena, N. Ireland. After 28 years of teaching she returned to her first love - writing. Oonah writes mostly flash fiction and poetry.

Image: "Unicorn" by Dan Jones and "Fog Light" by Nick Farnhill.

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