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International Poetry and Literature from Mexico City

1 Poem Published

  By Jami Kali, USA (Published in Issue 13)


Jami Kali writes from random bedrooms in Pennsylvania. She is the sole editor of The Vein literary/art magazine, which you can check out at Hear her sing at and pick her brain at






Three identical triplets compete to find love

in a televised nation sitting side by side

under Jerry Springer’s thigh.


“We can paint the town red or any other color,” says Triplet one.


The second sucks in her cheeks like a china doll:

“If you’re looking to have a good time then look no further.”


But Jimmy, a shy Kentuckian with a white-outed past

feels a twitch in his groin when contestant number three

sporting the same black minidress as both of her sisters

struts across the stage to her seat.


“Most people think I’m a good girl

but that’s ‘cause I haven’t let them inside.”