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Judith Kazantzis: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Judith Kazantzis (UK)

Published in Issue 33 of The Ofi Press



  In your heart



If only you’d come visiting

      in your heart -

Your curly, half-fiery hair,

    how cross, how curt.


In fact your curls were mown tight

        last time, and

tawny; and you cracked jokes.

      And hey - you’d come!


Will you swear me a visit soon, 


 I’ll text your fiery, curling heart,  

     nothing enduring.      

About the poet...

Judith Kazantzis has published ten volumes of poetry including her Selected Poems. Her latest collection, Sister Invention, from which these poems are taken, will be published in the spring of 2014 by Smokestack Press. After living most of her adult life in London and Key West, she now lives in Lewes, Sussex, with her husband, the American novelist Irving Weinman. She is a recipient of the Cholmondeley Award for poetry.

Artwork by Nicola Spencer: