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John Kirsch: Art Work

Art Work by John Kirsch (USA/ Mexico)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 45


Artist’s Statement

 "Photography is a mechanical process, even in the digital age, but the apparently impersonal nature of photography can be subverted, to a degree. I do this by making images that look like paintings. (That is probably because I was a painter before I became a photographer, an experience that remains with me to this day.)

Of course the last image in this series is a painting. But it was anonymous, at least to me, and therefore worthy of inclusion.
The meaning of these images is in the mind of the viewer. To me, the image is the meaning. 

These city walls – and the final image of a painting -- aren't meant to be art in the traditional museum sense. In the case of the photographs of the walls with posters torn off, they aren't meant to be art in any sense.

But they became art to me the moment I saw them and that's why I recorded them with my camera."






Mexico City 1


Mexico City 2


Mexico City 3

Mexico City 4


About the Artist

John Kirsch is an editor for an English-language publishing company in Mexico City. Prior to moving to Mexico, he was a newspaper reporter (and occasional photographer) in Iowa and Texas.

Note: "Mazatlan" was published in the summer 2012 issue of LITnIMAGE.