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By Jo Langton, UK (Published in Issue 16)


Jo Langton is currently studying her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Salford, Manchester. Her first chapbook entitled [fill the silence] was published by erbacce-press and can be found here: She has since had work published in 3AM Magazine, Streetcake, Bare Hands and The Railroad Poetry Project.





an experience of love leaves reasonable

[space for doubt]

i’m scared you’ll hurt me deep


my skin crawling

passionate ablaze / a measured slow grower

He loves me

[doubt the fact]

with a heartbeat too slow to catch.


to conclusions to fill the

[space for doubt]

your creating

a confusion straightjacket

binding past protective second skin

perception fucking

pleading for an end to the fear & cloaked in fear of the end

crippling / occasional / who am i / kidding

[in escapable fact]