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Valerie Laws: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Valerie Laws (UK). Published in Issue 30.

Translation by Karenina Osnaya (Mexico).

The North East Special Edition: Displacement (Part 2).



(Seen on a poster: ‘Sale of retired Swarovski crystals’)

It’s not easy, always having to shine. Breathing

Light in, out, simultaneously like playing

A didgeridoo with circular breath, it’s wearying.

Quivering like a dewdrop in a lupin leaf, but

Never allowed to evaporate, is limiting.

I have always wanted to follow the light I give,

Upwards and away, rising rain, to pause

High up, a tiny spherical rainbow, tasting

The indigo deliciousness of falling. But no.

Threaded on wire to give the illusion of a horse

I can’t see, nor feel its muscled leap, held fast

Yet having to be bright at all times, never a dull

Moment, oh, the strain of it. From the minute

I was ground, my faces cut by many blades

Powered by beck and burn, forcing waterlight

Into my pores, I have beamed constantly. I am

My own tear, which never brims or drops.


Now retired, put out to glass, sold off, I may

Have to settle for some part-time sparkling.

But I still dream of flight, of flaming to earth

A many-coloured meteorite.



* exhibited at Belsay Hall, Northumberland.


Image: Cumberland Arms, 2005

By Richard E. Hook





(Visto en un poster: ‘Oferta de Cristales Swarovsky Retirados’)


No es fácil, siempre tener que brillar. Respirando

Luz adentro, afuera, simultáneamente como jugar

Un didgeridoo con aliento circular, es agotador.

Estremeciéndome como gota de rocío en una hoja altramuz, pero

Nunca se me permite evaporar, es limitante.

Yo siempre he querido seguir  la luz que doy,

Arriba y adelante, lluvia creciente, pausa

A gran altura, un pequeño esférico arcoíris, probando

La deliciosa caída del  índigo. Pero no.

Hilada en alambre para dar la ilusión de un caballo

Que no puedo ver, ni sentir sus músculos brincar, conteniendo

Pero teniendo que brillar en todo momento, nunca un

Momento soso, oh la presión. Desde el minuto

Que fui molido, mi faz cortada por muchos filos

Alimentado a entera disposición, forzando cascada de luz

En mis poros, he irradiado constantemente. Yo soy

Mi propia lágrima, que nunca rebosa o cae,


Ahora retirado, puesto a cristal, vendido, Puede

Que me conforme con un brillo de medio tiempo.

Aún sueño con el vuelo, de arder en la tierra

Un meteorito de vivos colores.



*exhibición en Belsay Hall, Northumberland.


About the poet

Valerie Laws’ latest poetry collection ALL THAT LIVES is now on Kindleand is available at or  in the US. Videos of her installation of related animated poems SLICING THE BRAIN is available on youtube here: The installation has been in exhibitions across Europe to great acclaim, the opening sequence THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING BRAIN is an innovative piece reflecting the process of dementia in gradually vanishing words and parts of words to leave behind changed poems.


Karenina Osnaya is from Mexico City and is a regular contributor and translator for The Ofi Press.