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Anna Leader: 1 Poem Published

the blonde boys are not haunting me very subtly.
they do not sidestep in the lunchroom;
i end up in their arms    they do not sidestep
once we’ve collided     they do not correct
my french grammar     or bow their heads.

they studiously avoid apology until drunk, &
they bring up facts about my parents i told them
two years ago   ask my opinion on poetry.
i need to have fewer love affairs i have not had many
but they last empty years & enough is enough.

Poem by Anna Leader (Luxembourg)

Published in Issue 35 of The Ofi Press. 

About the Poet

Anna Leader is a high school senior at an International School in a tiny, rainy European country. She has published a collection of poetry ("Squeak Like Dolls") and a novel ("Tentative"). She won the Stephen Spender Prize for Poetry in Translation in 2013, and was a Foyles Commended Young Poet of the Year in 2012 and 2013.

Image unded under creative commons laws. By Touno Touji: