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Alison Lock: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Alison Lock (UK)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 44


 Out of Body


At first it's all sweat and effort and I nearly

turn back. Give up or go on: no choice

– but I've no pride. Never been one to bag

a summit or equalize a score. The scree

is slipping under my feet, slid-


ing over the edge, a hundred feet or more

through the rallied mist. The air thins, breath rasps,

I unsettle as if loosening from the valley, trading

my flesh and fibre for the bracken fern,

my blood for melted snow, bones of millstone grit. 

About the Poet

Alison Lock’s poetry and short stories have appeared in anthologies and journals in the UK and internationally. Her work has won prizes in The London Magazine, Sentinel Literary Quarterly Review, amongst others. She has published a short story collection and two poetry collections. She has an MA in Literature Studies. She is a tutor for Transformative Life Writing course.

Image: "Capitolog" by Dawn Ellner.