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Len Lukowski: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Len Lukowski (UK)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 44


 Fox cull


In the bins of London are foxes,

hundreds of them, healthy and well-fed

on junk food.

Stalking through gardens

mauling babies

congregating together and attacking old women

ripping the throats out of Vicars and Priests,

bombing the Houses of Parliament

and setting fire to the House of Lords.

Eating charity workers,

breaking into Buckingham Palace

setting up a guillotine

and beheading the royal family.

Climbing up Big Ben

and detonating themselves one by one

sleek furry limbs flying everywhere

until the whole of London is on fire.

About the Poet

Len Lukowski is a writer and performer living in London. His work has been published in The Mechanics’ Institute Review, The Coelacanth Journal, Drowned in Sound, Chroma and Aesthetica. He also plays in a queer punk band.

Image: "Smoking Fox" by Nick Farnhill.