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Julie Maclean: 4 Poems Published

  Poemsby Julie Maclean (UK/ Australia)

Published in Issue 32.


Laura's Place


A blitz buggy

rusts in the front yard

            one eye open


This iron-wrinkled home

built by hand-fed hungry 



Heft of gum

            in the meat room


            in chop of heifer and lamb


Animal skin was laid

            across thick beam

Old eucalypt bleached

            yellow with scrubbing 


Then the rains came

            Bullock dray treachery

 Women who stayed

behind with wet hands, blood

            on white cotton

           while men sniffing gold

                        stayed away





Slicing through a safe passage 

out of Hook Island

our white sloop with the sharp sprit

races for home 

when a spaceship is sighted

from the helm bobbing 

on the anxious surface


She’s missed James Cook

by a hundred years, head tucked in 

to avoid collateral damage


We power on with the jib yawning

while a hundred metres back

the anvil head comes out of its shell 

with eyes of an old soul, 

raising an ancient eyebrow



In top gear
behind the windscreen
road-kill is a snapshot,
collage in low relief

but an encounter with
the freshly killed
keeps death close

A snail already
in the moist and warm,
flies on the scout

Inside out, the blood is too red,
Gizzards serpentine and so long.
All I recognise is a redundant claw
a spine horse brush

Unseen, the radar tongue
burrows into cobbled stone
for the last forced kiss




If Copenhagen has a heart
it's with the dead
in Kierkegaard's graveyard.

Plots of love are epitaphs
from heaven.  Stone trees with oak
leaves mirroring the canopy.

Mia the wife, a simple rock,
lichen on her south face.
That's what I want.


About the Poet

Originally from Bristol, UK, Julie is now based in Victoria, Australia. Shortlisted for the Crashaw Prize (Salt, UK) in 2012 and winner of the Geoff Stevens Poetry Prize (UK), her debut collection of poetry, ­When I saw Jimi, was published by Indigo Dreams Publishing, UK in June 2013. Poetry and short fiction features in leading international journals including The Best Australian Poetry.Forthcoming in Poetry Salzburg Review. Blogging at

Images: "Boat Graveyard" by Beth Punches.

"Turkey Vulture and Road Kill" by Linda Tanner.

"Rock with Lichen" by Purple Java Troll.

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