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Lauren Maltas: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Lauren Maltas (UK)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 41

Poem selected by Georgina Mexía-Amador for the Ofi Press/ YPN collaboration competition

Image: "Prism" by Kentama. 







Tribulation of saints stand carved

patriotism by chipping copper, chunked out eyes


He knows this land or does he follow

the sun

to the way we traipse

loyal and more indignantly


but we'll manage our understanding


There are cells we blot

convulse and burn of third degree

agitation by the pollutants gain

For how long

the length of our grievance


Decomposure sets the scene of wonders from afar

I'm discontinued

at this instant

no talisman, no consummation

soot falls like rain to drown

yet suffocation in a sense of what

is time

is dancing

from tears in a prism

en gratitude to smoulder

And death is the same in everyone