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Nick Manolarakis: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Nick Manolarakis (Greece)

Published in The Ofi Press Issue 34





The Earth trembled!

The life paths were raveled!

The blossom gardens of youth got dark.

Where is the light?

I am horrified. I cannot see right before my eyes. I am trying tomove on …

Wreckage everywhere.

But I still am in the beginning of the path.

I still smell the scent of life, but I do not see.

I can feel the trees receding.

I can feel the fruit dropping, before I have enough time to savor them.

Where are you going? Why are you slipping away from me?

Ten crowns from the North spread out two long hands that were

curled up like snakes around my face.

Earthen fingertips were dancing sensually sucking leisurely my soul.

The first crown shone!

-  I am taking from you the fruit you will harvest.

I am raveling the paths you are going to walk through.

-  But why? I am only 15!

The ancestors are shattered like earthen castles.

The big lake is foaming and yelling out.

I am sipping a breath of love and I am stiflingly filled with sweet

but torturing sound.


The earthen fingers are shaking, I can feel then in despair.

I am sipping a breath of love.

Guided by the whispers of my heart shall I decide

Will love, create.

And in spite of all you crowns

The fruits of life I am going to tenderly kiss!


About the Poet

Nick is sixteen years old and is from Heraklion, Crete of Greece. he writes poetry and fairytales. He has previously been published in The Ofi Press.