The Ofi Press Magazine

International Poetry and Literature from Mexico City

Art and Poetry Collaboration: Agnes Marton and Malgorzata Lazarek

Poem by Agnes Marton (Hungary)

Art painted in response to the poem by Malgorzata Lazarek (Poland)

Published in issue 39 of The Ofi Press.




From Underwater



I call her Naomi Melanie,

my headstrong double.


She talks to me

from the depths of the womb.


Sometimes she makes me feel

a fake,


sometimes she proves

games playable,

whoever the lead.


The roared-off Motherdaughter,



The mongrelized wife.


When sinking, I miss the surface.

The rough breath of the air.

It’s me,

strengthened by backup, still afraid.


I can’t pray, have never learned,

I just repeat the names

of long-ago-seen friends,

believing in believing:


Ortrud Sturm, Fresia Puente,

Maria Teresa Bliss.


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