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Richie McCaffery: 2 Poems Published

Poems by Richie McCaffery (UK)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 45




I was born in a hospital

that no longer exists.

My warmth incubates

this watch on my wrist.


My friend moved away

walking through town,

his mattress on his back

like it was a cross.


Why when I buy a picture

do they say the frame

is worth the price alone,

as if I skirt around issues?


You ask what I’m thinking –

Nothing is my best answer.





Dog Cemetery, Tynemouth Park


On the edge of the park,

the old dog cemetery

with un-Christian names

like Whisky, Bimbo and Lassie


Sticks snapped from trees

by the wind like offerings,

the soft earth all at once

beckoned to your heel.


Saddest of all the dogs

named after a loyal original,

as if the successor never

really existed in itself.


The rabbits they must’ve got,

flushed from their holes –

they hunted, were hunted,

and are the bones they loved.

About the Poet

Richie McCaffery (b.1986) recently completed a Carnegie Trust funded PhD on the Scottish poets of World War Two, at the University of Glasgow. He now lives in Ostend, Belgium. He is the author of Spinning Plates (2012), the 2014 Callum Macdonald Memorial Pamphlet Award runner-up, Ballast Flint and the book-length collection Cairn from Nine Arches Press, 2014. Another pamphlet, provisionally entitled Arris, is forthcoming in 2017. He is also the editor of Finishing the Picture: The Collected Poems of Ian Abbot (Kennedy and Boyd, 2015). 

Image: 'Cemetery Trash' by Thomas.