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Beth McDonough: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Beth McDonough (UK)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 43





When Beeching stole
Glen Ogle’s lines and tracks
beside Loch Earn,
he could not shift the viaducts,
nor stop the leaching drips
amossed from bits of bridge. He left
behind the pictures framed
by spikes of unburst sloes,
the fissured countenance of hills,
of fallen rocks; he could not halt

that lucent primrose prickle up
through cracks. 

About the Poet

Beth McDonough first trained in Silversmithing at Glasgow School of Art.  She frequently works in mixed media, and finds poems whilst foraging and swimming in icy Scottish waters. Currently Writer in Residence at Dundee Contemporary Arts, she enjoys riddling with Anglo Saxons and often writes on a maternal experience of disability. Her poems may be read in New Writing Dundee, Gutter, Interpreter's House, Under the Radar and many other lovely places.

Image: "Primroses" by Henry Hemming.