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Vislumbres Hacia El Otro Lado: Poesía/ Ritual’ by Georgina Mexía- Amador

Editorials: Letras de Pasto Verde y Ediciones El Viaje

Spanish Language Poetry Collection

39 pages

$100 MXN

Poetry Review by Jack Little (Mexico)


This first short collection by young Mexican poet and author Georgina Mexía-Amador takes the reader on a mystical journey from the caves of section one to the mystical elements of section two to the rising of the third and final section. Filled with ritual, battles between good and evil and of course, glimpses into the other side, this books takes you on a while and often frightening ride between the present and the not quite within our realm of being, the sleep like and the nightmarish.

To get a feel for the book, watch this short video here:

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