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The Perfect Human

Most of the extremely intelligent

forget to buy flowers.

The diligent arrive late.

The intensely passionate

stumble over their words

and lose the meaning.

The self-indulgent leave little to be desired,

by themselves and the masses.

The egocentric forget who they are talking to,

every decision made by everyone else concerns them!  

Most of the apathetic don't remember the reason

of why they came and why they went

and why they should care.

The high strung

The frustrated

drive away

those closest to them. 

The spirit seekers miss the purpose

of what it means to be alive.

The jokers don't see the tears

on their victims faces.

The drunkards

miss just about everything.

The perfectionist

misses out on the fun of making a mistake,

forgets to be human. 

The perfectionist loses sleep. 

The rebel is ignorant

of the satisfaction of order

The brave die young amongst the cowards, 

who are usually stowed away

in some domiciled compartment

making themselves feel useful

by gaining knowledge instead of experience.


Poem by Michael Miller (USA/ Mexico)

Published in Issue 35 of The Ofi Press. 

About the Poet

Michael Miller was born in the USA  but has lived in Mexico City for the past few years. He is a playwright, poet and teacher.

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