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Hooked on Something Else


First they find dorsals in the Rock’em®

Sock’em® Robot, then discover gum eraser

wedged beneath a tailfin. Next a scrap


of diaper, pulled around it like a tube-top,

conjures science in its fish-scent-sent

economy (you interested?) as paean


to the tiki bar, first as ear-to-shoulder

distance pressed to jaded witness

                                                       what a mouth-

concealing-slackjaw as tsunami wash

exposure blurts:

                           lipsync’d va-va-voom

amid the din of natural speech

                                            & as such

its lead-fish pops

congestion so that—

that in breech position whelps itself

                                                           (gestated ripple)

carries gauntness to extremity

                                                 not precisely as asserted

as if morbid mating locus

                                          (least reflected)

                                                                     mortal end-stop

tries again to circumnavigate

                                                belief into its task


Active nature to depose it: what pescado

finds irrelevant, pescador is loathe to vacate;

what a bogus ochre predator needs to rectify


intention. These & these & these make theses,

squeezing meanness out of meaning. & if spirit

stamps it drivel, spirit also pockets malice,


turns ahead to yawn it “thinkerly” as epithet

to listener, & expects assent by course 

whose source is hoarse remorse by force.


Poems by Marc Nasdor (USA)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 37.


About the Poet

Marc Nasdor is a poet, writer and musician; a native of Baltimore, Maryland who has lived in New York City since 1980. He was involved for a decade in international literary festivals and the promotion and translation of international poetry for publication, readings and on the radio. His most recent book of poems is Sonnetailia, published by Roof Books in 1997. In addition to his literary activities, Nasdor (a/k/a Poodlecannon) is well known as a world music DJ in New York City. He has also DJ'd in Budapest and Pécs (Hungary), Nantes (France), Mexico City and Mérida (Yucatan).

Image: "Popular Science" by Jer Thorp.