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By Ras Nas, Tanzania (Published in Issue 8)



A voice shatters

The sleeping air into bits

Arousing in them passion

That beats with blind frenzy


Thus chasing one another

Through the wind’s corridors

Their footsteps reverberate







From behind

And around

From the South to the North

From the East to the West

Until silence appears


In a stream of refugees

And dawn to dusk curfews




Born in Morogoro (Tanzania), Ras Nas aka Nasibu Mwanukuzi, is an African musician who blends african music and reggae with a dash of poetry. Ras Nas is singer-songwriter, poet, guitarist, percussionist and producer based in Oslo. Ras Nas' latest album "Dar-es-Salaam" is out now and available from Kongoi Records.