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Kalle Niinikangas: 1 Poem Published
 Slugs & snails

My five year old daughter

teaches me the differences of species.

Daddy, she says,

Slugs are the ones without the shell.

Those that have shells are called snails, not slugs.

I don´t say anything, I know.

I have always just scamped around.


Later in the evening

my wife gets angry about a poem published seven years before.

Her mother is also very upset now, she says.

I don´t say anything to her too,

I am thinking of snails & slugs.

Even though they are of different species

they have a lot in common:

They are both disgusting pests

that leave a long lasting slimy trail.

Poem by Kalle Niinikangas (Finland)

Published in Issue 35 of The Ofi Press. 

About the Poet

Kalle Niinikangas was born in 1973 in Central Finland, grew up in the industrial city of Tampere but now lives near Helsinki. He has published three full collections of poetry in Finnish and co-wrote the bi-lingual pamphlet ‘Perkele’ (Ek Zuban 2006). He is a translator, editor and a father.

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