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Peadar O'Donaghue: 1 Poem Published

Poems by Peadar O'Donaghue (Ireland)

Published in issue 40 of The Ofi Press



And so it is.

This is sad,
because sad is how it should be
should we dare to deal in reality

instead of keeping all this and that
forever on the brink of the precipice.
We’ll laugh and joke and take the piss

then you’ll go to bed early

while I drink until dawn.

We always said the ‘I love you’
whichever ‘you’  we both are, were,
and we always said

there would be better days
‘til the days run dry,

‘til the waves crash in

and no longer go out,

‘til the sun falls from the bluer sky,

‘til you and me die

hand-in-hand, side-by-side

in hope of death being

nothing but the end.

About the Poet

Peadar's second collection 'The Death of Poetry' is due out from Salmon later this year. He co-edits PB magazine

His ambition is to get two good night's sleep in a row.

Image: "End of the Road" by Kevin Dean.