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Mo O'Mahony: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Mo O'Mahony (Ireland), Published in Issue 28.


Little Insect


Little insect,

I don't have time for this,

I'm busy. 

You need to take that dress off.

It doesn't go well

with your black, glossy exterior.


Yeah, I remember

our season together,

huddled together. With you

my stones shone,

all my poems sang.

But don't pretend

you love those songs anymore,

little insect, you don't have ears.


Little insect,

I want you to return my Pablo Neruda,

you can't read it anyway,

you just crawl on the pages.

All you do is 

crawl on all the pages,

little insect,

I think you should go.




Mo O’Mahony has been published here and there, and has not won any awards. He came from Ireland to study painting in London. He has a little website here -