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Lars Palm: 2 Poems Published



woods are full

of hunters in

brightly coloured


          & there's a

siege of power

in your land

          hand in your



for something

on the top shelf

when maybe a

ladder would

be in order


Poems by Lars Palm (Sweden)

Published in Issue 32.



crossing the border

crossing the river


suddenly running into


this person who never sleeps

who has no need for sleep


singing under a rude sun


welcome to tijuana

por el coyote no hay aduana


singing under a manic moon


waiting by the bank of that same river

for a cloud to cooperate


so he may swiftly


cross the river

cross the border

About the Poet

Lars Palm lives with his lovely wife, currently in Malmö. He's the author of road song for (corrupt press, 2011), chaos on/chaos off (obvious epiphanies press, 2012) & means (The Knives, Forks & Spoons Press, forthcoming) as well as a handful of chapbooks.

Image: "Ladder"by Mattias