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Simon Perchik: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Simon Perchik (USA)

Published in issue 31 (August 2013).

Image: Woman Sitting with a Child in Her Arms (1890)

By Mary Cassatt



Don't shake hands! bring flowers

the way all dirt has a place to go

though your arms stay behind, sifting


for a suit, a shirt :the granite

you grow piece by piece from a fragrance

spread out, feeding on open mountainside


and building-fronts :each stone picked

for its thin shadow ready to spring

swallow the smallest thing you have


-you're still not used to being here

surrounded by small shops, street lamps

a garment district where nothing fits


where one arm is hanging down, dissolving

into pathways and hollow roots trembling

under its silence -you can't lift a thing.

About the Poet

Simon Perchik was born in 1923 and has written 15 full collections and has had his poems published in hundreds of journals and magazines including in The New Yorker and Partisan Review. You can find out more about Simon here: