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Ana Prundaru: 1 Poem Published

Poem by Ana Prundaru (Romania)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 49 


Trailing Spouse

Sting sings I'm an alien, I'm an Englishman in New York

you wonder if he would make a song about trailing spouses and

throw in such platitudes as: Be yourself, no matter what they say

you can't imagine Sting considering being a new Mom, reluctantly starting over in a new country with your husband working all day, making friends and learning

a new language, as you seem to forget English adult words

you can't begin to think what be yourself even means, but you label yourself

a trailing spouse, because that's what the other trailing spouses do

you could call yourself a former teacher, or even a house maker and mother, but a more accurate description would be a tireless machine that keeps the family functioning

a concubine at night, a perfectly presentable mom and wife at official meetings, logistics manager at day, caretaker 24/7, motivator and support system, lately also an insignificant other

trailing spouses meet in support groups and vent all the frustrations of lost potential, unrealized dreams, not to mention baby-vomit on their Chanel blouses

when it's your turn, you say you don't like the term trailing spouse, that equality doesn't cease to exist the moment there is a temporary misbalance

you realize the fluidity in being yourself, its need of risk taking to grow

so you find a babysitter and a language teacher, arrange a date with your husband and surprise him with near flawless language skills

he says you've changed

he says it like he has fallen in love with you again and you are not yet comfortable with the changed self , but proud of assimilating a new self , which is vastly empty, like the apartment you moved into not too long ago

it's laundry day and the baby is sick, but you are calm, because your life feels like an infinity pool and your core is excited to see what you can harvest  today



About the Poet

Ana Prundaru is a Romanian-born translator, writer and visual artist. Her work appears in DIAGRAM, Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Kyoto Journal and elsewhere. She lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

Image: "Lesney Matchbox 6x4" by Sludge G.