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Caleb Puckett: 1 Poem Published



Shrewd blue eyes survey the splintered, the cratered, the smoldering—

the manic crosshatching of limbs, stumps and stray bits of machinery—

catching, however inadvertently, the remnants of some songbird

scattered across the black slur of forest floor.


It’s the décor of a summer picnic, the accoutrements of romance,

the view of ground zero many klicks away from that first big kiss.



Poem by Caleb Puckett (USA)

Published in Issue 31 (August 2013)-

Image: "Picnic Table, Glenarm Forest" by Albert Bridge

About the Poet

Caleb Puckett lives in Kansas. Puckett's writing has appeared in journals such as Diode, Mad Hatters’ Review and Shampoo. Puckett has also published several chapbooks and two book-length collections, Tales from the Hinterland (Otoliths, 2008) and Market Street Exit (Otoliths, 2010). In addition to writing, Puckett edits the online literary journal Futures Trading: