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Peter Riley: 1 Poem Published



Stars between the black branches

            a rustling in the hedge

            silently, the wall collapses

of the house behind me where you sleep

                        in the loft. My

hand reaching out at night will never

meet you

                        except in a grandchild

the stars fluttering in the tree-tops future toys.


Poem by Peter Riley (UK)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 37.


About the Poet

Peter Riley was born into an environment of working people in the Manchester area in 1940 and now lives in retirement in Hebden Bridge, having previously lived in Cambridge for many years. He has been a teacher, bookseller, and a few other things and is the author of some fifteen books of poetry, and two of prose concerning travel and music. His most recent book is The Glacial Stairway (Carcanet 2011). He contributes reviews of new poetry to the website The Fortnightly Review regularly.

Image: "Sitting out" by Steve Garner.