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Shloka Shankar: 2 Poems Published

Poems by Shloka Shankar (India)

Published in The Ofi Press issue 38.


Fog-horn Dreams



About the Poet

Shloka Shankar works as a freelance writer and resides in India. A contributing poet in two dozen anthologies such as 'The Dance of the Peacock.' 'Traversal of Lines,' 'Family Matters,' 'Emanations IV,' and 'Rainbow Hues,' among others, Shloka has also seen her poems published in journals like Ekphrasis, Writers Asylum, The Literary Yard, Urban Confustions, Wordweavers, Verse Wrights, Miracle-ezine, Whispers, Spirit Caller and Cafe Dissensus. She has found her niche in Japanese short form poetry and found poems. Her poetry page on Facebook is 'Shloka Shankar: a rasika's musings'.